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Our Purpose, Our Vision

We've identified several problems in building and construction, and we've set out to solve them. We see a future where entire communities are disaster resistant, energy efficient, and affordable.

Our Purpose, Our Vision

Homes today face issues like water damage, mold, VOCs, termites, and inefficient HVAC systems. Despite spending 90% of our time indoors, construction methods haven’t changed much in over 100 years. With natural disasters threatening our homes and construction costs at an all-time high, the housing crisis in California worsens. Rebuilding with wood in disaster-prone areas often leads to repeated losses.

At Eco Building Systems Ca, we are guided by certain ideals:
Safety, Durability, and Comfort: Our buildings resist mold, antimicrobials, natural disasters, and temperature fluctuations.

Energy Efficiency: We support global carbon reduction by complying with green building codes and LEED requirements.
Affordability and Attainability: Housing should provide value for contractors, owners, and tenants without sacrificing safety or efficiency.

Our Beliefs:
Simplicity: Design and construction should be straightforward, avoiding added complexity, time, and expense.

Accessibility: With the proper guidance and resources, anyone can build a safe, efficient shelter.
Peace of Mind: Building owners and tenants deserve to feel safe and comfortable.

Our Challenge to the Construction Paradigm:
We created a system that complies with existing building codes while maximizing safety and efficiency. Our results surpass those of standard construction methods, setting a new standard for future building codes.

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