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Perfect Block ICCF Industrial

Affordable, disaster resilient, and energy efficient for everyone, globally. Build for the future, with our proven process.
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Temperature Stability, Continuous insulation and recycled material is what we want to focus on.


Fire Resistance – ICCF walls do not burn “open flame” 4000 DEGREES.


Termite/Insect Resistance – ICCF walls have no wood inside. There is no food source for termites or boring insects or rodents. Rodents won’t nest in it. No dry rot will occur.


The Perfect Block System creates an exterior envelope that is air-sealed, energy efficient and resilient to natural disasters.

white concrete building under blue sky during daytime

Design Versatility – ICCF wall material can be easily cut and shaped into infinite and unique design features for load and non-load bearing walls.


Thermal Mass – ICCF wall thickness and density further enhance thermal resistance over stick framing and traditional construction.

Watch Perfect Block ICCF In Action.

The Perfect Block foundation system on this high-performance house in Upstate New York saves 60% of the concrete needed for a conventional slab.
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In October 2021, Connecticut-based builder Ben Bogie of BPC Green Builders broke ground on a trailblazing project in the Hudson River Valley (climate zone 5). In collaboration with Trillium Architects, the 5000-sq.-ft house is Japanese pagoda–inspired and promises to be lesson-rich.

The overarching goal is to use building science-based best practices—products, techniques, and assemblies—to construct a high-performance, net-positive house. Keeping upfront carbon emissions to a minimum is a crucial objective. 

To that end, the project minimizes virgin foam insulation, reduces concrete where feasible, is engineered to avoid the need for steel and optimizes materials made of recycled content.

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