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Perfect Block ICCF Residential

We have chosen to exclusively utilize 100% recycled EPS in each and every product we make.

Build With Perfect Block

Our design, production and execution process
has set new building standards.
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Block In Time.

Watch this California ADU go up in 3 minutes.
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ADU Project Santa Rosa California
This is a time lapse video of this wonderful project from start to finish.

Watch Perfect Block ICCF In Action.

The Perfect Block foundation system on this high-performance house in Upstate New York saves 60% of the concrete needed for a conventional slab.
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In October 2021, Connecticut-based builder Ben Bogie of BPC Green Builders broke ground on a trailblazing project in the Hudson River Valley (climate zone 5). In collaboration with Trillium Architects, the 5000-sq.-ft house is Japanese pagoda–inspired and promises to be lesson-rich.

The overarching goal is to use building science-based best practices—products, techniques, and assemblies—to construct a high-performance, net-positive house. Keeping upfront carbon emissions to a minimum is a crucial objective. 

To that end, the project minimizes virgin foam insulation, reduces concrete where feasible, is engineered to avoid the need for steel and optimizes materials made of recycled content.

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