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With this new technology readily available EPS recycling has finally become a reality.

The Perfect Block ™ is an insulated composite concrete form (ICCF / ICF) made from 100% recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS) ground in to an aggregate mixed with Portland cement, proprietary additives, and water then cured in a mold. The ICCF/ICF form when cured is a sturdy, rigid, and dense block.


The block has to be strong and dense to hold the extreme pressures exerted on it when grouted solid with heavy wet concrete grout with an 8-9 inch slump. The hardness of the block makes it difficult for rodents and insects to burrow in to it.

ICCFs have been engineered and built to 48 plus feet tall (free standing/load bearing). It is important to note that in most applications, ICCF projects can be designed using ACI 318 and are designed like any other steel reinforced concrete wall.


Residential projects of up to two stories may also be designed in accordance with the IRC Section R611 or the Prescriptive Method for Insulating Concrete Forms in Residential Construction (EB118).

With this new technology readily available EPS recycling has finally become a reality. This is why our business succeeds.

Yes. Every major code body in North America, including ICC and CCMC, has approved ICCFs. Also, ICCFs are listed as a prescriptive method of building in the International Residential Code and can be built to commercial design specification using the International Building Code. 


ICCFs / ICF are also listed as a building system in the newest edition of the Canadian National Building Code.

Pound for pound, it takes much more landfill space than anything else buried there. According to some estimates, EPS waste amounts to 20-30% of the volume of landfilled trash.


It makes up to 80% of the plastic litter in our oceans. Small particles of it look like food to many marine animals, but it has no nutritional value. Worse, it gradually kills them by clogging up their digestive systems.

Because EPS is an abundant resource and we use 100% recycled EPS in The Perfect Block™ products.

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