Durable & Innovative Building Materials

Building a new property is one of the most expensive and exciting ventures you can start, requiring endless planning. Nobody wants to create something that could break or fall apart within ten years, and globally we’re all moving towards more innovative and green items. Although classic low-innovation homes are still built and bought every day: yours doesn’t have to be this simple.
These are the top materials everyone should let inspire their new properties!

Starting With The Classics

If you want durability, nothing beats bricks. This is one of the oldest building materials and is incredible for its ability to protect it from outdoor elements and stand up against everything from hurricanes to fires as long as it’s built well. Although, at its core, brick isn’t innovative, there are new types of bricks that can help further their ability to do their job.
Composite masonry is any building material made by combining two or more. Bricks made in this fashion can often be stronger and more visually striking than their older counterparts. The best part is bricking can be built up outside of ICF construction to add a second layer of insulation and protection.

Don’t Leave Durability at the Door

“The outside of your home isn’t the only place that you should focus on building materials that are durable and innovative. Vinyl flooring that looks like wood can be used throughout the home to ensure that you need to do a lot less maintenance or work on it than either natural wood or carpet.
Although poorly constructed vinyl flooring has been unpopular in the past, it’s been given a complete reworking and is available in endless natural-looking styles. Because of the ease of cleaning and the reliability, shows on channels like HGTV show this”
“flooring a lot more love. This can be used throughout your home to keep fires at bay and ensure your floors are built to last.”

Recycling and Reusing Materials

There’s a large push currently for people to evaluate where recycling can make the largest impact. Although it’s not making a huge impact on the consumer scale: on a commercial and building scale, the effect is endless. Regardless of whether you want to do this for moral reasons or for the tax cut that some areas offer for green-built homes, it’s a popular design trend at this moment.
If you can find building materials that are either wholly recycled, or made from recycled parts, then you’re in the green. Items like composite shake shingles can be made with partially recycled items, which is fantastic for the environment: and even better because these shingles are fire resistant and sturdy.

A Strong Support System

Although recycling plastics and other materials into roofing might not be obvious to many people, it works because of the plastic. These shingles are still beautiful and look fantastic on every home, but they’re working overtime being both durable and eco-innovative.If you want a home to be durable, you must ensure that every step along the way of building it was spent creating a stable and strong building. ICCF blocks, insulated composite concrete formed blocks, are fire-resistant, strong, and often made of recycled materials. This type of block will ensure your building won’t fall in a rough hurricane and won’t tumble from most earthquakes, which is vital in the modern climate.

It’s Okay To Keep Things Attractive

Although it’s impossible to predict how weather patterns and local environments will change within the next thirty years, it’s easy to see that things have to be built to withstand anything. Having ICCF blocks at the center of your home is like putting in a strong back to keep it standing against anything.Although many focus solely on the utility of their items, it’s okay to want something attractive. Metal lap siding is heavily popular right now because of its range of aesthetic changes. Luckily for everyone who loves it, this type of siding is extraordinarily durable and can withstand a lot of weather in the same way bricks can. The ability to customize color, change the style, and pick texture is important to many because they want to feel like their home is unique to them.

Aesthetics and durability don’t have to be different ideas.

Building Things To Last Is Good For Everyone Involved

Whether you’re working to build a durable home for your own family, or you’re creating a home to sell: creating things that are built to last is good for everyone. This ensures that your hard work will last for generations and also improves the value of the property. Nobody wants to throw away money into cheap materials, and selling something like that can seem dishonest.
Creating a home from these durable and innovative materials ensures it’ll be enjoyed for endless years to come.

Max Shafer is a contributor to the Innovative Building Materials blog. He is a content writer for the construction and home improvement industries with an interest in landscaping, outdoor remodeling, and interior design. Max is focused on educating homeowners, contractors, and architects on innovative materials and methods of construction that increase property value, improve sustainability, and create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

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